Sassy & Jordon Litter Due 8-3-21

All Long Hairs
In Solids or Dapples

Possible Colors:
Solid Cream, Shaded Cream,
Chocolate Based Cream,
Chocolate & Cream
Black & Cream
Cream Sables with either Black or Chocolate Overlay.

Wait List Is Full.

Pictures and Information
Posting Soon.

Kim White, Breeder Dapple Female
Desiree Myers: Cream
Emily Lordahl: Cream or Dapple
Raquel Deering: Cream or other Colors _2 pups
Darcy Nopper: Cream
Lynn Stewart: Cream or Red

George Ulmer: Cream
Gaby Capiro: Cream
Chris Canosa: Cream
Stephanie Robinson: Cream
Michaila Thompson: Dapple

Not taking any more names, some pups might be available if the above families pass or don't have    the color they want.


Kim's Lovable Doxies

AKC Mini and Tweenie Dachshunds

Raised in a Family Home