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I just wanted to share a few pictures of Alfie(son of Ralphie) who is now pushing 15.  He has been my best friend and has been the absolute joy of my life. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. I take him out weekly to the sand bars down here in the Florida Keys and he swims like an otter. He’s sweet to everyone he meets, he’s never growled his entire life, he loves other dogs (really intrigued by cats), he snuggles like a teddy bear, and his tail has its own personality altogether.  Even in his old age he has not gone gray yet and he acts like he’s 5 years still to this day. Jul 19, 2020.

Hi Kim, I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much again for everything! Little Gabe (now named Zachary, Zach for short) is awesome and is catching on really quickly to things. We had our first vet appointmentyesterday , and they marveled at how good he looked and how well he was taken care of by you. Thank  you so much!!  Justin Rubenstein. 6/3/20  

Hi Kim,

    I just wanted to reach out to thank you so much again for everything!  Little Gabe (now named Zackary, Zack for short) is awesome and is catching on really quickly to things.  We had our first vet appointment yesterday, and they marveled at how good he looked and how well he was taken care of by you.  Thank you so much!!   June 3, 2020

                                                                                                                 Justin Rubenstein

Dear Kim,

I wanted to share a photo of Marta Rose. She turned 3 months old on Valentine’s Day. She has stolen our hearts. Marla started to attend a Puppy 101 class. She has learned to commands to  sit, lay down, and leave it. She is super smart and a fast learner. She LOVES to run around the house at high speeds! Boy she is a speed demon!

We will stay in touch.


Kathy and Paul Stanis

Feb 22, 2020

Hello Kim,


Thought I'd update you on Luna. She is doing great and is a wonderful addition to our family. She saw the vet today for her 2nd distemper shot. She now weighs 4lbs 8oz. She is just amazing and we have no idea what we ever did without her! Here are some cute pics. Jul 30, 2019



Clip is short but for his first time in front of a commercial cameraman he is very proud of himself.  Feel free to share this with your social media.  He has the best companion for me.

Darla Brumbaugh

Shy Beaver Boat Center

814-658-3777 ext.104

Sep 24, 2018



We just wanted to send a thank you once again for enriching our life with little George. He is a new addition that we can’t imagine our lives without now. He has been a pleasure so far. He has such a personality already. He’s healthy and happy. We are in the midst of crate training now. It’s difficult at time, but every day gets easier. He’s been great with potty training outside!

Thanks again,

Maria and Gary

Aug 16, 2018

Hi Kim,


I just wanted to give you an update on how Coco has been doing. Her transition was pretty smooth the first couple days. She has been doing really well with pottying outside..she does really well during the day when we are at work with just one  “accident” in the laundry room. At night she is by our bed in her crate and sleeps through the entire night! We took her to the vet for her next set of shots and what a hit she was! She did excellent with her shots and had no reactions or any side effects.


She is a love bug and we couldn’t be happier with her.


Trish and Rob

Feb 2, 2018

Hello Kim!!!

I just wanted to send you an email letting you know how Oakley (Caramel and Gabriel's puppy) is doing. We got Oakley back in the first week of February and I honestly can't even imagine how I lived without him. He is an amazing puppy and we couldn't be happier. He absolutely loves his snuggles and constant kisses. I get so many compliments on how gorgeous of dog he is and I'm slowly turning everyone around me into a dachshund lover. I really wanted to thanks you again for making it able for me to adopt Oakley. He is such a great addition to our family and I'm definitely addicted to being a doxie mommy. Thanks again and hope all is well with you and your family.


Christina Chrom

Sep 17, 2017

On Jul 22, 2017, at 8:56 AM, Cheri Caporali wrote:


Little Zelda, now Tootsie is settling in very well. She is so loveable and is a quick learner. Her and Sydney are becoming best buddies. So glad we were able to get her from you. Thank you again.

Wild Flowers

From: Bethany 
Date: October 2, 2015 at 1:06:39 PM EDT
To: kim white <>
Subject: Puppy

I just wanted to leave a review here for you about our puppy we got from you in August. We got Mackinnon from you and have renamed him, Gherkin. He is the sweetest little boy!! We are so in love with him! He has been excellent with potty training. Everywhere we go with him people always want to be around him and can not get over how cute he is!! Thank you for all your insight and help when we first picked him up. We just love him so much! I am definitely referring everyone who asks where we got him to Kim's love able doxies:) he is pictured with my nephew.

Wild Flowers
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