Crystal & Quincy Litter                           Puppy Born 9-17-22

This pup is sold, Many Thanks & Enjoy!



Crystal 15 lbs.
Isabella & Tan Long Hair

A first litter for Crystal...
She is friendly and likes to give kisses. Gets along well with my other girls.
She has pretty green eyes.

Her parents are our
Madison: 11 lbs. Chocolate & Tan Piebald Long Hair
Zachary: 11 lbs. Chocolate & Cream Long Hair


Quincy 11 lbs.
Shaded Red Cream Sable
Long Hair


Puppy # 1 Male: Shaded Cream Long Hair
Birth Weight: 8 oz.   Born at 10:55am
Weight at 7 Weeks: 3 lb. 7 oz.

My Nickname Is: "Toby"
To Emily D. in Delaware



Kim's Lovable Doxies

AKC Mini and Tweenie Dachshunds

Smooth & Long Hair

Raised in a Family Home