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Bella Laying in the Warm Sun From the Window

Favorite Pics

Are you Talking to Me?

Dawson & Taylor
Sugar & Judah's Boy's

Two of Chloe's Girls:

     Punkin & Ginger

Hey Girls! Got Room for One More?!! These Girls Love to Pack Tight!

Awe, Daisey.. Don't Give me thoseEyes!

Chloe and Busters Christmas
Puppies 2007. Left to Right:
Punkin, Cinnamon, Romo,
& Ginger.

"I Love You Sis!"

We Feel Like Teddy Bears!

Do I Look Funny Mom? Silly Bella

Savannah taking a nap with Honey Bear as Her Pillow !

Puppy Fun! Oh Please Smother Me!

I'm the Cutest !...No I'm the Cutest !!

Favorite Photos of Destiny. She takes Beautiful Pictures!

My First Blue & Cream
Long Hair 

Taylor & Jordon's Girl


Queenie & Quincy Pups

"Judah" 9 lbs.
My founding male for my cream long hair lines . Following him was
his son "Gabriel"


Beautiful Cinnamon !


Maggie, So Pretty !

Nap Time...
Puppy Growing Time and Sweet Dreaming Time.....Shhhh

"Rizzy & Gunner Pups"

Which one of these is not
like the other ?  LOL

One of our little doxie pups with their
new family of big dogs...

Little Dachshund, Big Mentality !

So cute, thanks for sharing...

Kim's Lovable Doxies

AKC Mini and Tweenie Dachshunds

Smooth & Long Hair

Raised in a Family Home

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