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General Information and Policies
Kim's Lovable Doxies

What You Receive with Your New Puppy

  • AKC Registration Form with Pet Limited. Full Registration Available with an approved application & additional fee.

  • One Year Written & Signed Health Guarantee on Life Threatening or Genetic Defects.

  • Health Record of 1st Distemper 5-Way Vaccine & Deworming Dates

  • Puppy Care Chart

  • Stuffed Animal Toy

  • Flex Chew Toy

  • Mini Ball

  • Fleece Blanket Scented with Litter Mates

  • Pee Pads

  • Mini Milk Bones

  • Nutri Source Puppy Food & Coupons

AND Helpful Information on the Following

  • Raising a New Puppy

  • What to do the first 48 hours

  • Crate Training Tips

  • House Breaking Tips

  • List of Potential Hazardous Plants

  • List of Human Foods Never to Give

  • House Training Do's and Dont's

  • Dachshund Breed Introduction

  • Feeding Charts for Weight and Age

  • Proper Socialization Age (When & Where)

  • Teeth Brushing & Dental Health

  • Phone Support Should you have any Questions after you Leave with your Puppy

What you will Leave With

A Properly Weaned, Pee Pad Trained, Nails Clipped, Ears Cleaned, Feet & Belly Cleaned, Pre-spoiled, and Loved, Well Socialized, Happy, Healthy Puppy!

Puppy Pricing by these Considerations

1. Color & Pedigree


We Give $50.00 off the 2nd Puppy if you Get Two Puppies at the Same Time, or are a Repeat Buyer at a Later Date.

*Discounts Only Apply to Pups at Full Asking Price.

*Discounts Do Not Apply if Pup Price is Already Reduced.

My Policy on Male Pups for Breeders

Testicles Must be Down before a Male Pup can go if selling as a breeder.

If they are Not Down by 8 Weeks, they may need extra time.

If they are Not Down by 10 Weeks, a Full Refund of Deposit is Given.


  • DEPOSIT'S ARE $300.00 / NON-REFUNDABLE. Unless the Puppy does not get a clean bill of health at the time of the sale

    • If the Puppy Does not Pass a Health Check with a Clean Bill of Health, you May Have a Full Refund of your Deposit or Choose another Puppy if one is Available.

    • Should the Vet Find Something Wrong with a Puppy,

              it will be Noted on the "Puppy Health Check Record"
              and the Puppy will be Discounted in Price Accordingly

              I Observe Early on in the Progress of Each Puppy

              Should I Notice any Concern with the Puppy Development,
              The Puppy will be Taken to the Vet at that Time.

Additional Policies

It is my Goal and Intent to Produce Healthy, Happy Puppies!

We do not over Breed our Female's. They are Given their Proper Rest and Sit out Times. They are Pets First!

  • I Deworm my Puppies 4 to 5 times before Leaving. This is so important as ​it Aids in Proper Weight Gain and Nicer Coats.

  • Nursing Mother's are Given Calcium Supplements along with their Vitamins and also Dewormed Regularly.

  • All of our Dogs; Males, Females, and Puppies, are Supplemented

       Daily with Daily Vitamins.

  • Our Dogs are Healthy for Breeding Purposes, and current on all Vaccines.

  • Our Adult Dogs are Non-Aggressive.

Cream Color Pup
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